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What is "Live Painting"

Live painting is a form of "Plein air" (outdoors) painting, which is perfect for capturing your special moment during the wedding. We will bring our own canvas and art supplies, to paint the scene of your choosing, in real-time, at your wedding.

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How does it work?

Firstly, we take great care in getting to know you and your fiancé. A live portrait is a truly special way to remember the day two became one, and it our job to make it perfect for you both. The moment captured is discussed throughout the booking process, we help with suggesting ways we can capture the essence of what's most important to you. Is it the tender moments of deep connection as you lock eyes during the ceremony? The celebration and joy walking down the aisle with confetti in the air? Or maybe it is the romance and moment of the first dance. 

Fast-forward to your wedding day - We arrive early to scope out the styling, layout and plan the perfect composition. As your guests arrive we place the first marks of paint on the canvas. We love them seeing the entire process and the "WOW" moments of "We saw it right at the start!".

Our set up is incredibly mobile with: a French easel, high-quality acrylic paints, brushes, canvas, drop cloth and a nifty little battery operated lamp. We will be set up wherever your guests are, which can involve 3 or more location changes. Great care is taken to ensure there is zero mess and we have worked with a large range of heritage and luxury venues. 

On the day we are entertainers/performers with the easel facing your guests at all times. We love to engage with your guests and welcome photos and videos of us in action. 

We have a range of packages to suite your needs from artworks that are finished on the day, to big interactive paintings with sentimental messages from your guests included!

Our painting doubles as entertainment and the finished product is a very sentimental keepsake for you to remember your big day. 


We would like the painting to be at the ceremony but the reception is at a different place. Do you travel between two locations on the day? 

We travel between locations on your wedding day at no extra cost. The 7 hours of live painting is calculated from our time in front of your guests, which means the travel doesn't take away from our time painting on the day. If your ceremony is at a church earlier on in the day and there is larger gap- we just head to the reception location early.

What happens if we can not attend due to covid/ isolation?

Fingers and toes crossed this doesn't happen, although in the event that we can not attend the booking due to covid/isolation we will paint your wedding using photographs. In this event, we will contact your photographer and create the painting for you using these instead. To sweeten the deal we will also send you complimentary “Thank You” cards for all your guests with the artwork printed on the front.

Do you travel insterstate?

Yes, both our Artists Teresa and Dilara travel interstate. As we are based in Sydney the travel fee is $1500 to cover flights with additional baggage for our easel and canvas, accomodation, transport from the airport to venue. 

How long until we receive the painting?

Your beautiful artwork will be delivered to you between 10-12 weeks after the wedding. We pride ourselves on quality and only the best possible work will leave the studio. We package the work ourselves to ensure it's nice and safe and will courier deliver it to you free of charge!

Can we include other people in portrait?

Yes, we can add in additional guests/faces, we charge an additional $150 per additional person. This also applies to guests not present on the day, the only thing we require is photographs to work from.

Can we choose what moment to capture?

Yes, as soon as you make an enquiry we organise a time to have a consultation via a phone call. In this consultation we chat through your plans for the day, your dream wedding and discuss what the best moment to capture would be.

How long to do you paint for?


Each artwork takes between 15 - 20 hours to complete. This time is split between the live event and studio time. Depending on the moment we focus on the total amount of time live painting can change. If it's a moment at the ceremony we will paint live at the ceremony location and the reception location (using reference photographs). If the moment is at the reception, we set up early at the venue and paint for the duration of the reception/after the first dance. For reception moments there is more time spent at the studio to finish the work.

Is travel from the ceremony venue to the reception venue included?


Yes, all travel within Sydney is included in the price of the packages. Travel surcharges apply for locations outside of Sydney.


Will you require a meal?

Catering is greatly appreciated.

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